“As you start to walk (fly) on the way, the way appears”- Rumi

Countless candid conversations globally reveal we all are unique; but we are surprisingly similar too. Our trials and tribulations forge our identities. We can learn so much from each other and feel less guilty for every decision we make. The convenience economy encourages instant gratification. But it’s time we focus on what really matters and better balance life priorities and significantly improve the quality of life of ourselves and our loved ones.

Rise from the ashes everyday –
Together, Smarter and Unabashed

Fhynix is a simple, holistic and intelligent solution that is empathetic
to the aspirations and needs of the modern works across various facets of our lives – work, kids, self-care, ageing parents, social needs. Our user, Lina, shares her experience with Fhynix!

Building Fhynix

Meet the team shaping the vision of building a Personal Organizer and Assistant for you.

Almitra Karnik

SaaS CMO & Product - (Twilio, CleverTap, Cisco)

Neil Pereira

Design - ex- CleverTap, UpGrad

Tiffany Goulet

Academician - Oberoi International School

Jay Magdani

Product - Lets Venture (Quolum, CleverTap)

Tanushree Shenvi

Product Led Growth - CleverTap

Amit Sharma

Chief Technology Officer - Dream11 (Yahoo, Netflix)

Preethi Natarajan

Product Lead - Microsoft (Wayfair)

Kuldeep Dhankar

Business and GTM - (CleverTap, Nokia, Various)

Divya Sharma

User Journeys - Locus (ex-CleverTap)

Pooja Sriram

Brand, Content & Social Media - Sprinkler (ex-CleverTap)

Empowering the world to manage time better

Believe in the power of Collective Intelligence. Organize your lifestyle better, access personalized recommendations and lay the
cornerstone of an empathetic, collaborative and trust-worthy community. The journey starts with YOU.

Fun Facts

Fhynix was the take on Phoenix by a (focus) group of toddlers. This magical bird stands for perseverance, renewal, immortality, resurrection, and grace. The phoenix gives hope and urges us to be better versions of ourselves and keep up the human spirit.