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How to Build a Daily Routine for YOU

In this blog, our user Saloni shares the significance of cultivating a daily routine and how it serves as the cornerstone for a harmonious and streamlined life.

Hello Saloni! Can you tell us more about yourself and your family?

My name is Saloni Patel, a lifelong resident of Bombay. I pursued my undergraduate degree at Boston University and completed my master’s in London. Despite expectations to take over my family’s business, I discovered my true passion lies in teaching speech and drama. Apart from my professional life, I’m a proud mother of a five-year-old son. I find joy in unconventional activities like traveling, reading, and attending live performances, steering away from mainstream routines.

That’s fascinating! Can you tell us more about your business journey and what motivated you to start?

I run two businesses: Yellow Brick Way, my Speech and Drama Institute established in 2010, and Muggle Mom in a Magic World, a product business that started in 2019. Yellow Brick Way focuses on imparting not just academic skills but also a holistic personality development approach, aiming to nurture confident children ready for the mainstream world. On the other hand, Muggle Mom caters to parenting needs, offering curated birthday party stalls, return gifts, and more.

Can you describe what your daily routine looks like?

My days are structured and planned meticulously. I wake up at 6:20, get my son ready for school. I have a routine set for myself and I like to plan things the day before. I work out to stay healthy. My daytime is devoted to managing Muggle Mom tasks, from fulfilling orders to website management. I then go and pick my son from school. I travel a lot during the day so I get work done in my car. I then seamlessly transition into teaching at Yellow Brick Way from 4 pm to 8pm The day concludes with dinner, balancing the demands of work and motherhood.

Daily routine starts with the gym

How do you previously manage your priorities and what are the drawbacks with this approach, before Fhynix?

Before Fhynix: In the past, I primarily used Google Calendar to handle my priorities. While it served as a digital organizational tool, one significant drawback was the absence of customizable reminders. Google Calendar lacked the flexibility to set personalized reminders through voice notes, texts, or images. This limitation made it challenging to integrate seamlessly with my daily routine, and I often found myself manually setting reminders or relying on memory. 

After Fhynix: The need for a more intuitive and customizable solution led me to explore alternatives, ultimately leading to Fhynix, which addressed this drawback by allowing personalized reminders through various formats, streamlining my time management process.

Daily routine planned on my Fhynix calendar

How do you take time for yourself with all these priorities?

Now that my son is in school for a longer duration, I’ve found a way to carve out some time for myself in the mornings. I’m not much of a social butterfly when it comes to late nights and parties, but I do love attending events, shows, and trying out different activities. What works for me is incorporating my son into almost everything I do—about 99% of it. This way, I can take time for myself while still having him be a part of the various experiences I enjoy. It’s become a lifestyle where I pursue my interests, and my son is right there with me, making it a win-win situation.

Do you have a specific daily routine? If so, how does this routine aid you in managing your day?

I don’t strictly follow a morning routine, but I do have a night routine that significantly contributes to my mornings. I strongly believe in the power of affirmations and manifestations. Before I go to sleep, I practice manifesting different things for the upcoming days and even for long-term goals. This helps me visualize and plan for the next day, allowing me to anticipate what needs to be done. Despite the inevitable surprises that can occur, having a pre-planned outline for the day helps manage the chaos. It ensures that  smaller tasks, such as preparing my child’s uniform and packing essentials for school day, are done the night before

How does Fhynix help you manage all things?

  • Whatsapp feature: I love the WhatsApp feature of Fhynix, which allows me to send voice notes and get all the events added to the calendar, saving me a lot of time. I just have to send voice notes or text or even an image and the bot adds everything to my calendar and also sends timely reminders! No more manual work of adding events.
  • Color-coded calendar: Fhynix also blocks time with color-coded events, helping with easier identification and differentiation. I can choose what color I want and it gets the work done. It’s a complete hassle free process of time management
  • Local activities & events: Fhynix also curates family events and kids activities happening every month in the city. This saves me so much time and I could pre-plan the weekend! I visit Kids & Family Activities Near Me for all such activities or I also find them on my Fhynix app

Are there any classes or activities your child is pursuing?

He is currently pursuing the following:

Based on your learnings as a parent, how can we encourage parents to take out time for themselves?

Based on my experience as a parent, Fhynix can be more helpful by offering diverse suggestions tailored to individual priorities. The app is already good at showcasing kid-friendly events, but expanding suggestions to include activities for both parents and children, along with practical tips for managing events with kids, would enhance its value. Parents appreciate insights into managing various activities, making the app more versatile and useful for a broader audience.

3 tips for parents based on your experience

  • Integrate Your Life: Don’t see parenting as a sacrifice. Find ways to integrate your personal and family life, allowing you to pursue your interests and career without feeling burdened..
  • Enjoy the Process: Parenting and pursuing personal or professional goals shouldn’t be seen as a chore. Try to enjoy the process. Embrace the challenges and joys that come with raising a child and managing your  aspirations.
  • Build a Strong Support System: Having a reliable support system, especially within the family, is crucial. Whether it’s nannies, friends, parents, or family members, having a strong support network help navigate the demands of work, personal goals, and parenting

What is one recent achievement of yours that you would like to share to motivate parents?

One recent achievement that I’m particularly proud of is successfully running two businesses while raising my child. With a strong support system, it’s possible to balance professional endeavors and parenting responsibilities and I am lucky to have it. Everyone’s situation is the same, but I hope my story inspires  parents to pursue their goals with the challenges of parenthood.

What apps do you use and why

  • BookMyShow: To find activities and events around me
  • SeeSaw: For all the school information & management, this is given by the school
  • Ola: I regularly travel, so I book my cabs from Ola
  • Maps: Helps me with my travel
  • Gpay: For all my digital transactions

Can you share 5 handles you follow so we can tag them

Three qualities you would like to see in you child as he grows up

  • Confidence:Nurture your child’s self-assurance by encouraging them to take on challenges, learn from experiences, and affirming their abilities. Confidence is the key to navigating life with resilience.
  • High Self-Esteem:Foster a positive self-image by emphasizing your child’s inherent worth, celebrating achievements, and providing constructive feedback. A healthy self-esteem forms the foundation for a positive outlook on life.
  • Kindness: Cultivate empathy and compassion in your child by teaching them to understand diverse perspectives and encouraging acts of kindness. This instills a sense of interconnectedness and contributes to a more harmonious world.

What would you like to do more?

In terms of personal aspirations, there’s a myriad of goals I’m eager to pursue. Firstly, I have a keen interest in venturing into more adventure sports, craving the thrill and excitement they offer. Additionally, I’m committed to enhancing my fitness levels, aiming to achieve a greater state of physical well-being. On the professional front, I harbor ambitions of expanding my second business significantly. Yet, managing two businesses concurrently poses its challenges, and I aspire to strike a balance, ensuring both ventures thrive at an equal level of success.

We asked friends to describe Saloni

  • The best word to describe her is vivacious! She’s always so energetic and enthusiastic and most of my memories with her are her making me try things I otherwise never would!- Kritika

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