Own your time and design your life

We always make choices - every moment of our lives. If you prioritize a happy hour, you miss bedtime with kids. You need to block time for caregiving for ageing parents but also need to finish a client presentation. You want to try healthy recipes but don’t have enough time to research. Wish someone could plan a 2-day vacation for the long weekend or give options for your child's upcoming birthday? Above All - How do we prioritize our happiness as we navigate this beautiful life journey?

Your personalized time machine

Fhynix is a personalized, data-driven technology platform that puts you in control of making optimal choices on where you spend your time - personally and professionally.
Family Organizer and Assistant

Be the Architect of your time bank

Start with what matters to you and gives you happiness. Block time for me-time, gym, date night with partner, coffee with mom, work focus time, reading with kids, meal planning. See your Fhynix calendar come to life and spread happiness.

Track progress and review your happiness schedule

Am I spending time on what makes me happy – kids, work, parents, self? Or just finishing tasks and todos? How am I doing on my new habit of meditation? Fhynix will nudge you to stay on course every single day! Read our user Nidhi’s story here

Understand time spent on priorities kids, work, home
Get suggestions on local bakers, city events, vendors & more!

Discover products or services with zero search time

Your own personalized crystal ball – from coaches to bakers to professional courses to birthday gifts – Save Alice’s time in Wonderland.

Learn, unlearn and be the best version of yourself

Get actionable and trusted content from experts, kids counselors, career coaches, nutritionists for your personal and professional journey.

How to spend quality time on myself, social commitments, professional life and my kids? Am I making tangible progress in my journey as a happy parent?

More feathers in time to come

Get rewarded for striving to better
your parenting journey

Be productive and prioritize events that matter to you. Balance chaos and predictability with better organization.

Team Fire – Let’s accelerate

Encourage evangelists to support parents of today and tomorrow – At work, in schools, day cares, policies.

Find answers to navigate
your daily woes

Be part of a community of like-minded parents whose superpowers are empathy and willingness to help.

Pay it forward and
monetize your secrets

Be a mentor to coach the next generation; use our platform for side hustles in baking, art, organic goods, fashion.

Draw and paint your own Fhynix

Empowering the world to manage time better

Believe in the power of Collective Intelligence. Organize your lifestyle better, access personalized recommendations and lay the cornerstone of an empathetic, collaborative and trust-worthy community. The journey starts with YOU.

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