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Free Reading Apps for Kids

In a digital age where screens dominate, fostering a love for reading in children can be challenging. With the right tools, parents and educators can turn screen time into a positive and educational experience. Here, we explore five free reading apps for kids , each with a unique approach to engaging young readers and cultivating a passion for stories.

Why is Reading important for Kids

Reading is not just a skill; it’s a gateway to a world of cognitive, emotional, and educational benefits for children. Here’s why reading plays a crucial role in a child’s development

  • Cognitive Development: Research indicates  regular reading stimulates brain activity and enhances cognitive development in children. Exposure to diverse vocabulary and storytelling fosters critical thinking, problem-solving , and better grasp of language structures.
  • Language Acquisition: Children who are read to from an early age tend to have a more extensive vocabulary and advanced language skills. Reading introduces them to new words, phrases, and linguistic patterns, laying a strong foundation for effective communication.
  • Academic Success: Data consistently demonstrates a positive correlation between early reading habits and academic success. Children who develop strong reading skills early on often perform better throughout their academic journey.
  • Empathy and Social Understanding: Reading stories that depict diverse characters and situations helps children develop empathy and a better understanding of the world around them. It encourages them to see things from different perspectives and fosters social and emotional intelligence.
  • Lifetime Love for Learning: Cultivating a reading habit in childhood sets the stage for a lifelong love for learning. Children who enjoy reading are more likely to pursue knowledge independently, explore new interests, and continue seeking information throughout their lives.

Choosing the Right Reading Apps for Kids

When selecting reading apps for kids, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure a positive and enriching experience. Here are five things to look for:

  1. Interactive and Age-Appropriate Content: Look for apps that offer interactive content suitable for your child’s age and developmental stage. Interactive features, such as games, quizzes, and engaging visuals, enhance the learning experience and keep children motivated.
  2. Progress Tracking and Customization: Opt for apps with tools for progress tracking and customization. Monitoring your child’s reading milestones and adjusting difficulty levels ensures a personalized learning journey aligned to individual needs.
  3. Diverse Book Selection: Choose apps with a diverse selection of books, including various genres, topics, and reading levels. A rich and varied library caters to different interests, allowing children to explore and discover new subjects.
  4. Educational Value and Skill Development: Assess the educational value of the app by checking if it aligns with learning objectives. Look for apps that focus on developing specific reading skills, such as phonics, comprehension, and vocabulary, in a structured and age-appropriate manner.
  5. Parental Controls and Safety Features: Ensure that the app has robust parental controls and safety features. This includes age-appropriate content filters, secure login processes, and the ability for parents to monitor and regulate screen time to create a safe and controlled digital environment

Taking into account the above factors, below are the top 5 reading apps that we recommend

Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos:

Epic! is a digital library for children, offering a vast collection of books and educational videos. With a focus on fostering a love for reading, Epic! provides personalized recommendations based on a child’s interests and reading level.

What to look for?

  • Expansive digital library for children.
  • Personalized recommendations based on interests.
  • Educational videos for a holistic learning experience.


  • “This app is great! I like the variety of books available, though I hope the library continues to expand. The user interface is easy to navigate and I love being able to download for offline reading.” Ginny
  • “This app has been a game-changer in my Pre-K classrooms. Not only do students have options for books that can be read to them, they also have access to relevant educational songs and learning videos” a Google user
  • “Wonderful app for babies, beginner readers, and all children. There’s a vast library with everything from chapter books to read-to-me books, for the beginners. As a parent you can track your children’s progress and send them books you believe they will enjoy” Amber

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Audible for Kids:

Audible for Kids brings the world of storytelling to children with a wide range of audiobooks. It’s an excellent resource for parents who want to introduce their children to the joy of listening to stories, making it a perfect companion for bedtime or on-the-go. 

What to look for?

  • Extensive collection of audiobooks for children.
  • Engaging storytelling for various age groups.
  • Convenient for bedtime or on-the-go listening


  • “Audible for Kids has made bedtime stories a breeze. The variety of audiobooks keeps my kids entertained and engaged!”
  • “As a parent on the go, Audible for Kids is a lifesaver. The stories captivate my child’s imagination during car rides.”
  • “The storytelling on Audible for Kids is fantastic. My kids love listening to their favorite stories in the car or before bed!” 

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Reading Eggs – Learn to Read:

Reading Eggs is an interactive app designed to teach children how to read through engaging activities and games. With a comprehensive program that adapts to each child’s progress, Reading Eggs makes learning to read fun and effective.

What to look for?

  • Interactive activities for learning to read.
  • Personalized learning paths based on progress.
  • Engaging games to reinforce reading skills.
  • “My almost 4 year old begs to use this every day. He has come on leaps and bounds, he genuinely enjoys the challenges and gets so excited when it’s time for a new egg to hatch, a quiz, a new certificate” Jessica
  • “Absolutely five starts all day!! My 7 yo struggles with reading. So I was suggested to use reading eggs. Literally the first day using it she zoomed past two lessons without me even realizing it” Google user
  • “This app has been great! I knew my 5 year old had the skills to start reading, after a week of this program all that learning seems to coalesce and she started reading.” Jennifer

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ABCmouse Early Learning Academy

ABCmouse is an educational platform designed for early learners, offering a comprehensive curriculum that includes reading, math, science, and art activities. The reading component of ABCmouse introduces children to phonics, sight words, and early literacy skills through engaging games, interactive lessons, and e-books.

What to look for?

  • Interactive lessons covering various subjects.
  • Engaging games and activities.
  • Progress tracking for personalized learning.
  • “My kids have been using it for years. They have both been reading well ahead of their peers, and are otherwise academically well rounded!” Google user
  • “This app ABC mouse is the best app for little kids that like learning, it goes up to a range of kindergarten and higher, and it’s perfect for your kids” Miya
  • “I have had a subscription for almost 2 years now. My boys have benefited from all the at home learning activities. Rewards are great because it keeps them motivated to keep learning.” Jenna

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Starfall Learn to Read

Starfall Learn to Read is an interactive app designed to help children build phonemic awareness and early reading skills through engaging activities and stories. The app focuses on phonics and phonemic awareness, offering a systematic approach to teaching children how to read. It includes interactive lessons, songs, and stories to make learning enjoyable.

What to look for?

  • Interactive Phonics Lessons
  • Engaging Activities and Stories
  • Structured Learning Path


  • “Wonderful App with lots to do. It is user-friendly, my children can navigate it themselves without help. Information ranges from preschool up to third grade. Instrumental in teaching my children to read.” Shannon
  • “I just wanted to write this rating to say how thankful I am for the creators of this app. This app perfectly teaches the material necessary for the grade levels listed” Ray
  • “We’ve used Starfall for about 5 years now. My daughter learned to read using this program and she still uses it, thanks to the extra grades added, as extra study in our homeschool. “ Google user

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