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Back To School Shopping: Fhynix Recommendations & Vendors

The sunny days of summer have come to an end and it is the beginning of a new session for not just kids but parents and teachers too. The transition from the laid-back rhythms of summer to the structured routines of the academic year is exciting and challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this back to school shopping blog, to help you navigate through this transition. From preparing for the first day to adjusting sleep schedules, from organizing school supplies to easing back into academic routines, we’ll cover all the bases to ensure a seamless transition.

Fun activities to do before the school starts

We also created a list of fun activities that you can do before your kids’ school reopens to ease into the transition better. 

  • Take your kid to a movie: This month we have Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse screening in theaters and what better way to start a new season than watching a Spiderman movie! Our kids are definitely going!. Make sure yours are too!
Movies to go before your kid goes back to school

Source: Wikipedia

  • Kids Day out: Check out events happening this July from our Fhynix suggestions on our app. We have events happening in Mumbai & Bangalore and if you are in any of these cities, do check them out!
  • Read up good books for them: Read to kids books that can help them accept and transition into a new class. We recommend the following books:
  • Plan a playdate with kids from grade: Playdates with potential classmates help kids make friends quicker and decrease uncertainty on their first day! We at Fhynix recommend this as a must in our Back to School template. Make sure you organize or attend a playdate before the school reopens!
  • Create a calendar with kids activities in fhynix: Final to-do that we recommend is to create a calendar with all the activities that your kids pursue including hobbies, classes, playdates, movie nights etc. Plan your weeks or month ahead with your kids and keep them involved in the process so they stay excited throughout and have something to look forward to everyday! You can use our Fhynix calendar to plan your kids schedule. Here are some recommendations from Fhynix:
    • Skating
    • Martial Arts
    • Football
    • Swimming
    • Dance
    • Singing
    • Piano/Guitar
    • Art & Crafts
    • Swimming

Here is an example of our parent’s calendar

Time blocking kids school activities on Fhynix calendar

Introducing Fhynix Back to School Checklist

As you can see it is overwhelming to create a list of things to do and then research about where to buy them. Hence we have made it easy for you! To create the template, open your Fhynix app and scroll down the home screen. You can see a number of templates on your screen. You can also go to fhynix://templates from your phone. It has a list of all the important to-dos that are a must before the school reopens and you add more to customize it. The best part is, it gives you recommendations for bags, stationary, lunch boxes, meal planning and more – This back to school checklist is a must have!

  • Buy Stationary
  • Buy Tags & Labels
  • Clothes and Shoes
  • Snack Planning
  • Monthly School Dates
  • Plan a Playdate
  • Monthly Prep

The ones in green have personalized recommendations for your city. You can also add more items to this back to school checklist in our template!

Fhynix recommends items to be stocked! 

It can be challenging to go through websites like amazon to find the right items for your kids’ first day. We have a collection of sustainable and kid friendly websites that you can consider to shop for your kids, all recommended and trusted by parents.

  • Lunch accessories (Lunch boxes, water bottles, lunch packs)
    Kids don’t enjoy boring lunch boxes and water bottles that are designed for adults. Below are websites that sell kids’ specific lunch accessories and Fhynix parents can’t stop loving them!

Lunch boxes and water bottles for back to school season

Stationary for back to school

  • Uniforms and Shoes
    Below are the websites that have good quality shoes for school. Make sure you order at least 2 pairs of regular, sports or any other uniforms and socks needed.

  • Meal/Snack Planning:
    Sit with your kids and decide on what meals they want to take for lunch or for their commute to school! You can also add your meals to the Fhynix calendar and we will remind you everyday! Here are a few snack recommendations from us:

Meal Plans for easy & health transition back to school

Source: Pinterest– Fhynix app

  • Backpacks – ideally waterproof
    Backpacks are essentials, especially waterproof backpacks.We all know that kids prefer carrying cool backpacks with their favorite characters! Here are a few recommendations from us!

  • Medicine box
    Below are a few essential first aid items that our Fhynix parents stock up especially during the monsoon season. Create one for your home for healthy & happy kids!

    • Burnol
    • Band Aid
    • Dettol
    • Medication – crocin, ibuprofen, cold, tummy ache, 
    • Vicks
    • Mosquito patches
    • Himalaya
    • Forest essentials
    • Any regular medication

All of our above given recommendations are carefully taken after interviewing 100+ parents!

Happy Beginnings!

As school opens, kids meet new friends, experience new emotions and get a year older. Good luck to you and your family on these exciting times ahead!

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